Pneumatic regulating pinch valve 4-20mA

Body: Aluminum alloy Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Pressure: PN6 PN10
Size: 1/2″ -32″ (15mm – 800mm)
The sealing ring :rubber inner liner
Seat less and Glandless
Easily replacable elastomeric sleeve
Pneumatic Actuator:acting normally closed, acting,Single normally open
Control Signal:4-20mA


    Pneumatic regulating pinch valve 4-20mA

    Pneumatic Pinch Valve 4-20mA – a revolutionary seatless and glandless valve made from durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, cast iron, and stainless steel. Its unique design eliminates the need for gaskets, and its construction ensures fluid only comes in contact with the rubber sleeve – making it highly resistant to corrosion or damage from the elements. Plus, this valve is available in a range of sizes from 1/2″ to 32″ (15mm to 800mm), as well as various flange accommodators in EN 1092 PN 6/PN10/PN16, ASME Class 150, AS 4087 PN 10/PN 16, and JIS 5K/10K.

    Our air actuated Pinch Valve is available with a wide selection of sealing materials; from wear-resistant natural rubber to VITON and fluorine rubber, so you can be sure your valve is suitable for a broad range of applications, from cement and silo to mineral materials, limestone, clay, marl and slurry. It stands up to even the toughest conditions whilst providing an exceptional performance if even the most demanding industrial conditions.

    Let the Pinch Valve 4-20mA revolutionize your production, and take your operations to the next level with superior quality and advanced technology.

    Pressure: PN6 PN10
    Size: 1/2″ -32″ (15mm – 800mm)
    Flange accommodation: 
    EN 1092 PN 6/PN10/PN16
    ASME Class 150
    AS 4087 PN 10/ PN 16
    JIS 5K/10K
    Body style: flange
    The sealing ring :
    wear-resistant natural rubber
    natural rubber
    food industry of high temperature resistant natural rubber
    ethylene-propylene rubber
    Ding Qing Nitrile three EPDM, /VITON/FPM Silicone
    fluorine rubber chloroprene rubber /Neoprene
    chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber Hypalon/CSM butyl acrylate /Butyl and other materials such as other material needs please tips.
    Applications: cement, silo, sand, mineral materials, limestone, clay, marl, sand, slurry

    pinch valve is mainly the channel smooth, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, no pressure loss, no blockage, no leakage, water hammer shock, has good physical and chemical properties. Lining sleeve for ease of replacement, low maintenance cost.

    Valves with Actuator
    with both pneumatic and electric actuator
    with gear operator for actuator
    Limit switch box or solenoid valves are available
    for high working temperature condition, pov valve will help to build suitable bracket and coupler