Manual Pinch Valves; the ultimate in control for your industrial processes! Designed with precision and craftsmanship in mind, these Pinch valve come in a range of sizes from 15mm to 1000mm, with pressure spans of PN10, and can be flanged to DIN PN6 PN10 PN16 standards. We offer a variety of materials for the valve bodies including carbon steel, ductile iron, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel, and the doughty sleeve is available in NR, EPDM, CR, NBR, butyl rubber, FPM, and Hypalon rubber. Control is in your hands too; you can choose from pneumatic, electric, and manual options. Our modern sealing rings have you covered too, with options in wear-resistant natural rubber, food industry high temperature resistant natural rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, Ding Qing Nitrile three EPDM, VITON/FPM Silicone, silicone, fluorine rubber chloroprene rubber, Neoprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber Hypalon/CSM butyl acrylate/ Butyl, and other materials.

Pneumatic Pinch Valves are the perfect choice for cement, silo, sand, mineral materials, limestone, clay, marl, sand, and slurry applications. With a confident, technical tone and informative style, these valves combine dependable control and quality components for superior performance. Come experience the Manual Pinch Valves today and take your industrial processes to the next level!

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